Rob Doran

2018 Honey Show and 40th Anniversary Celebration

As posted on the calendar, this year's Honey Show is on Sunday 30th September at Poston Mill.


The timings of the show are as follows :

2pm Staging

3pm Judging by Dinah Sweet

4pm Prize- giving with tea and raffle, followed by:

Early evening buffet and presentation to celebrate Dave Williams' career as  founder chairman of the Association.

Look out for entry forms and meal bookings by email from June soon





Local AMM Queens

David Williams has some AMM virgin queens for sale for £15 each to WVBKA 
These are British black bees and by having them you will help to improve 
local stocks of bees by ensuring that next years drones from these 
queens will be British black bees.
Buying queens is a quick way to improve your stock by replacing an older 
queen in a hive or setting up a nuc using some of your existing brood.
David is a members of BIBBA and their policy is to use native bees 
rather than importing exotic races of bees.
There may be some open mated AMM queens available in a couple of weeks time.
For more information contact David on 07875 426089 or message him using 
SMS or WhatsApp

Bees for Development (BfD)

BfD announces their Birthday Giveaways in celebration of 25 years of successful campaigning and fundraising to support beekeepers in some of the poorest countries worldwide. A prize is offered each month throughout 2018.

For a chance to win, enter via links on their website :