Wye Valley Beekeepers Association

Established 1978
Charity Registered Number 517008


Calendar of Events 2018-2019

Queen colour of the year: Red



March 2018

7th Committee 7.30pm  Moccas Village Hall
Apiary meeting TBC
17th Public Display – Hereford Library 10-3
24th Welsh Beekeepers' Convention

April 2018

Apiary Meeting TBC
13th-15th BBKA Spring Convention  Harper Adams Univ.
25th Committee  7.30pm

May 2018

12th Practical Course   Peterchurch
Class One 2.00 – 4.00pm
13th Practical Course
Class Two 2.00 – 4.00pm
19th Practical Course
Class Three 2.00 - 4.00pm
20th Practical Course
Class Four 2.00 - 4.00pm
4.00pm visit to Association Apiary
Apiary meeting TBC
23rd Committee  7.30pm

June 2018

6th Committee 7.30pm
9th Speakers Day – Clifford Village Hall
10am -3.30pm

Apiary meeting TBC

July 2018

Apiary Meeting TBC
14th BBKA Basic – Practical Assessment
18th Committee  7.30pm

August 2018

Apiary meeting TBC
22nd Committee  7.30pm

September 2018

8th Kington Show
Apiary Meeting TBC
30th Honey show and Harvest Lunch

October 2018

27th visit to Gwatkins Cider 2pm

November 2018

3rd Wax workshop, Moccas Hall, 11-3.30pm
28th Committee & Planning  7.30pm

December 2018

8th Pre Christmas Lunch 12.30pm

January 2019

9th Committee  7.30pm

February 2019

16th AGM & Talk

Please note that further details of these and additional events will be advertised in the newsletter and on the website.