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Winter Apiary Meetings

As the apiary meetings have been so successful this summer and we now have the excellent Lodge to use we are proposing keeping your interest in bee-keeping going over the winter with a few relevant topics. What we are planning are 4 sessions between now and when the bees get active again. These sessions will have a specific theme or themes and will be led as a discussion rather than a lecture. The leadership of the sessions is open to any member who wants to take on the facilitator role and will require some background investigation by the leader who will introduce the topic and all of us attending the meeting. It would be best if everyone reads up a little about the topics in advance so that participation is good and that way we will all learn more. This is a new venture for us and we will see how we get on over this winter and decide if this style of meeting can work.

The future dates we are planning are:

Friday 24th January

Unfortunately Peter can’t lead the meeting about pollen  as planned  so we have arranged a Bee Keepers Quiz Evening. This will be a fun opportunity to get together with other bee keepers and chat about your bees and to make some plans for the coming season, which will be with us very quickly. As we all know in Beekeeping there can sometimes be more than one way to do the same thing, which means its hard to set quiz questions with a single answer. Usually it is the Quiz Master who tells you the answers, but in this quiz the idea  is that participants can discuss the answers and the Quiz Master will decide who gets the points. Does this sound like chaos? - well potentially, but it is also a good opportunity to talk about aspects of beekeeping and understand what other beekeepers think and do. If you don’t fancy the quiz, come along anyway and have a cup of tea by the fire and a chat about bees, and maybe there will be some cake and a prize for the best answers.

Friday 28th February

The topic will be pollen and there will be hands on use of microscopes for pollen identification as well as discussion. The idea is that everyone does their own research so we can all add to the discussion, so have a look into pollen, how the bees select it, collect it, store it and use it. We could also explore how we might collect it and use it, and consider whether we should take it from the bees.
If anyone has a compound microscope they could bring for the evening that would be greatly appreciated.

The Apiary Team