BBKA looking for volunteers to assist with the Swarm Calls help line

During the swarm season the BBKA office receives hundreds of  phone calls from the public, often elderly people who don't have access to the internet, asking for help with swarms.  Very often the bees in question are not honey bees so the caller just needs more information or reassurance.  If it is a genuine swarm call, we give them the contact details for a local BBKA swarm collector.

The office team are seeking beekeepers to help us answer some of the calls by volunteering to have  calls redirected to their own mobiles or land lines for an hour or so a week.  

The caller would not be able to identify your mobile or land line number as they will have rung the BBKA swarm help line initially and then the call is diverted.  The swarm line is open between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Fridays but busy times are late mornings onward.

It will be easy for volunteers to opt in and out of the system so this is not a forever commitment.

We will arrange a zoom meeting for potential volunteers to discuss how this will work in practice.  If you want to consider joining the team and would like more information (without committing yourself) please email me:

Kind regards

Leigh Sidaway, General Manager