Winter Apiary Meetings

As the apiary meetings have been so successful this summer and we now have the excellent Lodge to use we are proposing keeping your interest in bee-keeping going over the winter with a few relevant topics. What we are planning are 4 sessions between now and when the bees get active again. These sessions will have a specific theme or themes and will be led as a discussion rather than a lecture. The leadership of the sessions is open to any member who wants to take on the facilitator role and will require some background investigation by the leader who will introduce the topic and all of us attending the meeting. It would be best if everyone reads up a little about the topics in advance so that participation is good and that way we will all learn more. This is a new venture for us and we will see how we get on over this winter and decide if this style of meeting can work.

The dates we are planning are:

Friday 25th October

Friday 22nd November

Friday 24th January

Friday 28th February

The first meeting in October will start at 5.30pm and there will be 2 topics. The first is Wax Moth and  the second is Varroa treatment- Yes or No lead by Dave Williams. We are looking for someone to take a lead in the meeting and introduce the topic of Wax Moth and then we will try to develop an open discussion. If anyone would be willing to do a bit of reading and give an introduction it only needs to be short, please give David Williams or Peter Woodward a call prior to the meeting. To make the most of the meeting we would encourage all those attending to have a look for a bit of info about wax moth and varroa treatment so we can share ideas.

The second session in November is still in the planning stage but will be an introduction to using microscopes to examine pollen grains. This will be a practical session, so if anyone has a compound microscope we can use on the evening that would be very helpful.

The Apiary Team