Committee Roles

Term of Reference for Officers of the WVBKA

1. Chair the AGM and Special Meetings of WVBKA.
2. Represent WVBKA as requested by the Committee, particularly at events outside the jurisdiction of the WVBKA
3. Chair all meetings of the Committee.
4. Ensure that committee and any special meetings are conducted in an orderly manner and complete their allotted business.
5. Ensure that the Committee take full account of the expressed wishes of the membership.
6. Use the casting vote to break a dead lock on any vote of the Committee.
7. Ensure that all Officers are aware of their responsibilities and meet agreed commitments.
8. Represent WVBKA at special meetings of BBKA and other beekeeping authorities, as required.
9. Deputise for any Officer of WVBKA who is unable to fulfil their duties.
10. Consult the Committee and establish their nominations for all positions that will be the subject of a vote at the AGM.

Vice Chair:
1. Support and deputise for the Chairman as agreed.
2. When deputising for the Chairman have the casting vote.
3. Generally assist the Chairman in his duties.

1. Act as point of contact/liaison with BBKA, other organisations associated with beekeeping and the general public seeking information on beekeeping matters.
2. Undertake day-to-day handling and action of general queries and correspondence for WVBKA
3. Disseminate information on beekeeping matters to the Committee
4. Interpret and advise on the rules of WVBKA
5. Ensure that the AGM agenda is agreed at the January Committee meeting and that Accounts and Officers Reports (if any) are available for circulation to members.
6. Ensure that an Agenda is compiled with the Chair and sent out, with any additional information deemed necessary, prior to any calendared meeting.
7. Ensure that a Newsletter Editor receives the AGM Agenda and Reports and Accounts in time to be sent out to members at least two weeks before the AGM.
8. Record the proceedings of the AGM and Committee meetings in minutes which at the following meeting are approved by the attendees and signed as a true record by the Chairman at meeting.

Membership Secretary:
1. Receive all membership forms new and renewals
2. Update spreadsheet with members details and in form the BBKA
3. Write out insurance documents for BDI
4. Liaise with BBKA and inform them of all changes to membership. Checking BBKA’s list against the current and lapsed members twice a year
5. Inform BDI of all changes to membership (insurance purposes)twice a year when requested.
6. Keep all members of the committee updated with membership renewals
7. Send updated membership list to newsletter editor regularly
8. Respond to enquiries from new and prospective members via telephone and Association emails.
9. 9. Send out information packs including membership forms to new members.
10. Liaise with the Treasurer handing over membership changes regularly.

1. Maintain the record of WVBKA central receipts and payments.
2. Pay BBKA and BDI when due.
3. Prepare a report, including details of payments made or due, for each Committee meeting.
4. Prepare Accounts and secure an independent examination under the Charities Act.
5. Prepare annual budgets for the Committees activities.
6 . Pay Public Liability Insurance premiums and retain Certificates and Policies in safe custody.
7. Pay invoices through the year for items such as affiliation fees, printing costs, hire of Halls, AGM and lecture expenses.
8. Act as reporting liaison with the Charity Commissioners and complete the statutory returns.
9. Act as reporting liaison for changes in BBKA membership between WVBKA and BBKA.

1. Maintain a record of library books belonging to the association, which are available for members to loan.
2 Take the library books to WVBKA meetings
3 Encourage the loan of books to members to support their exam studies.
4 Purchase or accept new books, leaflets, videos, charts, slide etc. for the library. To keep the library as up to date as possible within the constraints of funding set by the committee.