Beekeeping equipment

The Wye Valley Beekeepers Association was founded by David Williams, a “bee farmer” and sometime chief pollinator for Bulmers Cider makers, who have a large number of Cider apple orchards in the Golden Valley area. Admirably assisted by his wife June, David has managed the Association very well over the years but is now slowly winding down many of his beekeeping activities.

WVBKA has members from Herefordshire, Gwent and Powys who are a very sociable group, meeting regularly in Moccas Village Hall to discuss the craft of beekeeping and advance their knowledge on the subject. WVBKA’s Honey Show and Lunch is held in September and members are encouraged to enter the various classes. A pre-Christmas Lunch in mid-December is always well attended, where certificates and cups are presented to successful members of courses and the Annual Honey Show.

Members receive regular Newsletters and have access to the Association Apiary and Library.

Every year beekeeping courses are run to prepare new members for beekeeping and, if they so wish after they have kept bees for 12 months, to prepare for and take the test for the British Beekeeping Association’s Basic Certificate. Following the course beginners are assigned a mentor with several years experience of keeping bees who will be available to support the first steps into beekeeping .

WVBKA has its Association Apiary at Shenmore, near Peterchurch, run by our Apiary Manager, and assisted by other experienced beekeepers. Here new members can have hands-on experience of handling bees and learning how to manage hives. In this way, novice beekeepers can gain the confidence and knowledge needed to keep their own bees. Regular meetings are held to cover relevant topics through the year, with an emphasis on hands-on learning and enjoyment.

We have a good supply of display material and attend various events and shows throughout the year to publicise WVBKA and beekeeping and some of our Members voluntarily assist the public by collecting swarms during the late spring and summer months.

Membership categories and subscription rates, due on 1st January annually, can be found on our website or contact our membership secretary.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT our Membership Secretary Contacts wvbkamembers@gmail.com