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Ref Title Auth
A1 A Book of Honey E.Crane
A2 A Handbook of Beekeeping H.R.C.Riches
A3 A Manual of Beekeeping A.V.Pavord
A4 Anatomy and Dissection of the Honey Bee H.A.Dade
B1 Background to Beekeeping A.C.Waine
B2 Bee Produce W.Herrod-Hemsall
B3 Beekeepers Guide W.Herrod-Hemsall
B4 Beekeeping Techniques A.S.C.Deans
B5 Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey Bro.Adam
B6 Beekeeping Practice Stuart
B7 Beekeeping (Teach Yourself) A.N.Schofield
B8 Bees and Beekeeping I.Diemer
B9 Bees and Beekeeping A.V.Pavord
B10 Bees for Beginners E. H.Taylor
B11 Beeswax W.L.Coggshall
B12 Beeswax R.Brown
B13 Breeding Techniques and Selection A.&E.Miner
B14 British Bee Plants A.R.Harwood
D1 Diseases of Bees M.A.FAF
G1 Guide to Bees and Honey T.Hooper
H1 Honey from Source to Showbench J.Rounce
H2 Honey Production in the British Isles R.O.B.Manley
Honey Farming R.O.B.Manley
H3 Health & the Honey Bee C.Mraz
I1 In Search of the Best Strain of Bees Bro.Adam
I2 Introducing Beekeeping H.J.Wadey
M1 Making Mead R.A.Morse
O1 Oilseed Rape and Bees A.Calder
P1 Plants and Beekeeping F.N.Howes
P2 Practical Bee Guide J. Digges
P3 Principles of Practical Beekeeping R.Couston
Q1 Queen Breeding for Amateurs C.P.Abbot
S1 Skeps F.Alston
S2 Social Organization of Honey Bees I.B. Free
S3 Swarming - Its Control & Prevention L.E.Snelgrove
S4 The Bee Book D.More
T2 The Beecraftsman A.S.Deans
T3 The Beekeepers' Encyclopaedia H.J.Wadey
T4 The Biology of the Honeybee M.L.Winston
T5 The British Beekeepers' Guide T.W.Cowan
T6 The Dancing Bee K.VonFrisch
T7 The Hive and the Honeybee Dadant
T8 The Humble Bee S.W.Sladen
T9 The Life of the Bee M.Maeterlink
T10 The Life of the Bumblebee D.V.Alford
T11 The Observation Hive K.Showier
T12 The Pollen Loads of the Honeybee D.Hodges