Apiary Meetings

WVBKA Association Apiary

Plans for use of the apiary are slowly coming together. The ideas we have are to have meetings at the apiary on a regular basis through the summer and to try to cover practical relevant topics with a bit of chat and a bit of hands on. The apiary is managed by Dave Williams with support from Geoff Dutson and Duncan Penkey.

Outline of meetings 2019:-

This year meeting will be run every month - May through to September. These will be on Friday evenings, starting at 5.30. It is also planned to have an additional four meetings over the winter months which will be discussion sessions.

The sessions will be a mix of discussion and practical, and should be relevant to the time of year.

Future topics will come from the members,

Spontaneous events may be added to the schedule based on what is happening with the bees and these will be advertised by email shot to members.

There will be tea and coffee (or beer) and a discussion session afterwards, enjoyment and learning from the sessions will be important. There will be opportunity for members to stay and chat as an alternative to going into the bees if they don't want to.

Meeting Dates:

Dates for apiary meetings are shown on the 2019 calendar.

A few days prior to the meeting an email will be sent to all members with information about the upcoming meeting.

In addition there is an Apiary Group WhatsApp group which will be used to keep members in touch with what is happening at the apiary. To join this group members should contact Duncan Penkey.