Mentoring Programme

WVBKA Mentoring Framework

Mentoring is intended to be for trainees from the practical course, but can be open to any WVBKA members who feel they need some support with their bees.

Mentoring is in addition to support given by Technical Advisers

Trainees will be assigned to mentors, but the trainees will be welcome to contact and work with other mentors if they want.

Mentoring is loosely defined as giving support to the trainees in the early stages of their beekeeping and can be as little as a few questions over the phone to regular training at the association apiary. The level and depth of support will be developed between mentor and trainee.

Mentors contact details:

Geoff Dutson: 01981 500491

Cliff Rose :      01981 251844,  07711 993359

Peter Woodward:  01432 839251, 07980 235949,